Terrestrial Ecosystem

Aphids ( <em>Acyrthosiphon svalbardicum</em> ) feeding on <em>Dryas octopetala</em> , Blomstrandhalvøya.
Photo: Stephen Coulson / Norwegian Polar Institute

The combination of northern location, coastal setting, great heterogeneity of the area, and a long record of research makes Ny-Ålesund a key location for terrestrial research in the High Arctic. The Ny-Ålesund area provides unique opportunities for in-depth studies of life and ecosystem processes in Arctic environments.

Upcoming activities

  • Common per-review publication on Rapid changes and complex interactions in a terrestrial high arctic ecosystem.
    This was discussed at the flagship workshop in August in Ny-Ålesund. Be in touch with  if you would like to contribute. 
  • Open call for INTERACT transnational access programme. Deadline 13 October 2018.
  • Work on site registration for common GIS system, including video page with films of the sites
  • 2end Terrestrial Flagship Workshop, Longyearbyen, tentative end of August 2019