Kongsfjorden System

Undewater plants and marine life with a diver
Photo: Peter Leopold

Kongsfjorden is directly influenced by inflow of warm atlantic water and is therefore a highly sensitive marine system to climate change in the Arctic and represents one of the most comprehensive environmental monitoring locations in the Arctic. The Kongsfjorden System Flagship brings together the scientists working on this system, to increase cooperation and coordination.

Upcoming activities

  • Guest visits financed through the flagship in 2019 to work on common data analysis and common publications
    • Visiting scientist; Hosting Scientist; Project
    • Clara J. M. Hoppe (AWI, Germany); Allison Bailey (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway); Ecosystem functioning in Svalbard fjord systems - ocean acidification and phytoplankton-grazer communities
    • Eva Leu; Clara Hoppe (Akvaplan-niva, Norway; AWI, Germany); Jozef Wiktor; Zofia Smola (IO-PAS, Poland); Algal bloom phenology in Kongsfjorden
    • Margaret McCaul; Dermot Diamond (both Dublin City University, Ireland); Alberto Ribotti (CNR-IAS, Italy); Dynamic changes in nutrients concentrations in Kongsfjorden during Arctic summer
    • Agnès Baltzer (University of Nantes - Laboratoire Géolittomer (CNRS), France); Maria Jensen (UNIS, Norway); Konsfjorden - changing physical prosesses
  • 5-6 November 2019: Svalbard Science Conference, Oslo, Norway.
  • Tentative 7-8 November 2019: The flagship plan the annual workshop back-to-back with the Svalbatd Science Conference. Stay tuned for more information.


  • The Kongfjorden System Flagship received funding through Svalbard Strategc Grant for the 2-years project Kongsfjorden System Flagship Programme – Creating a network for further enhancement of marine related research and monitoring in Ny-Ålesund (Project description).
  • EU proposal: Effects of the retreating cryosphere on Arctic marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Pre-proposal submitted.
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