Atmosphere Research

Zeppelin Observatory
Photo: Ove Hermansen / Norsk institutt for luftforskning (NILU)

The Atmosphere Research Flagship Programme brings key scientists studying the lower atmosphere in Ny-Ålesund together to establish and develop collaboration and joint research actions to tackle the challange of climate change in the Arctic.

Upcoming activities


  • Funds allocated for seven guest visits within the frame of the Flagship

The flagship has allocated funds for seven guest visits within the Flagship. The candidated were selected based on the following criterias: (i) the aim was to work on common data and/or publications (we were not be able to support field work, workshops, etc). (ii) no visit should exceed 7 man-days (hence applications for longer visits or more than one person travel - were reduced to 7 man-days). The travels will take place during the period spring-winter 2017.