Research in Ny-Ålesund

Ice floe in the ocean with mountains and a glacier in the back
Photo: Christina Pedersen / Norwegian Polar Institute

Ny-Ålesund is located at the northernmost point of the warm Atlantic Ocean inflow, the West Spitsbergen Current, and has a pivotal location enabling observations of relevant parameters in the ocean, on land, and in the atmosphere. Ny-Ålesund is ideal for research and monitoring of contemporary environmental changes related to climate change issues, long range transport of pollutants, UV-radiation and related biological effects, physiology, eco-toxicology, Arctic marine and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as research from other disciplines. With its multidisciplinary research environment, Ny-Ålesund provides unique opportunities for scientific synergies.

The research in Ny-Ålesund is divided and coordinated through four research flagship programmes, and the research community currently work towards establishing one coordinated monitoring programme for Ny-Ålesund. The monitoring programme will be a common effort from all institutions working in Ny-Ålesund, and it will build upon already existing monitoring.

Flagship programmes


The science contributes to climate research programmes and international networks:

Ny-Ålesund has a great potential for comparative bi-polar studies based on its broad measurement programs. An overview on individual research projects in Ny-Ålesund can be found in the RiS portal.

The Ny-Ålesund research community promotes a policy of open and free exchange of scientific data, based on mutual trust and respect for the intellectual property rights.

Ny-Ålesund Science Plan

The goal of the Ny-Ålesund Science Plan is to further develop the science conducted at Ny-Ålesund to be an excellent contribution to Arctic research and monitoring, where Ny-Ålesund shall cement its role as an outstanding observatory, laboratory, and field base for Arctic research.

Ny-Ålesund Science Plan

Shared research infrastructure

Ny-Ålesund offers a wide range of shared scientific infrastructure. Scientists are welcome to rent workspace or space for instrumentation at one of these facilities.